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Weight Loss

This package is designed to become your weight loss ally. Depending on your nutrient needs and body type, we will create a customized package for you to lose weight while feeling healthy, energized and full of vitality. Losing weight doesn’t mean that you have to starve. I will guide you and encourage you to make healthy eating choices. You will learn how to address cravings and nourish yourself: all while losing weight.


Delicate nutrition for a very special time. This package will allow you and your baby to blossom with a wholesome nutrition plan that nourishes for two. Designed to minimize nausea, excessive weight gain, and risky eating behavior while ensuring optimal nutrient status for mom and baby. The unique needs of pregnancy is addressed by incorporating a three phase plan to correspond with your trimesters.

Post Pregnancy

After giving birth, your body still needs nutrients and nourishment. Let this plan give you the energy you need for late nights and early mornings with mood-boosting nutrients. Whether your goal is to lose pregnancy weight, regain energy, or to promote breastfeeding with important nutrients for your baby, I will guide you through this important phase.

Child-Adolescent Nutrition

This plan focuses on promoting growth and development for a child’s individual needs. As healthy eating habits begin as early as infancy, it is vital to begin your child’s journey through a nutritious lifestyle as early as possible. Formulas and baby food will be individually designed for your child. This plan is designed for toddlers as well focusing on development, immunity, and creating a healthy relationship with food.

General Awareness

Take the stress of eating nutritiously off your plate. Let’s attain and maintain healthy eating patterns through eating clean, whole, unprocessed foods. The plan will allow you to choose the right foods, to nourish and flourish both you and or you and your family. Your general wellness plan will purify your diet, rid your diet of junk foods and poor eating habits, and accompanied by personalized meal plans.

Nutrition For Athletes

As an athlete we understand that food is fuel and we know that proper nutrition can affect and enhance performance. New fad diets confuse many of us with pre and post workout meals and when to fuel. With passion for your sport comes a need for a tailored nutrition plan suited to your training schedule and metabolic demands. This package is great for college athletes, runners, and high school athletes.

Bridal Nutrition

As you prepare for a wedding, we know you want everything to seamlessly fall into place. You have the venue, the dress, and we are here to help you look as radiant as possible. The bridal nutrition package provides you with more regimented guidelines to funnel your nutrition and exercise plan into a three month program. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle tone, or simply streamline and purify your diet.

Personal Meal Prep

Based upon your personal consultation, a menu is developed specific to your needs and taste buds.
I will prepare a variety of delicious interchangeable dishes for you to enjoy throughout the week.
Every meal is packed and labeled with instructions for reheating and suggested serving tips – all while leaving your kitchen immaculately clean.

About Caroline


I believe the way to happiness, confidence & mental clarity is through nutrition.

I studied Food Marketing at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and there I was a D1 athlete on the rowing team. My realization to study nutrition all started in college. Studying Food Marketing, I primarily focused on marketing strategies for processed foods. As an athlete there were drinks, bars, and powders for building muscle, energy, and performance. It wasn’t until then I realized that the “food” we were using to fuel our bodies wasn’t food at all, it was fake processed food. The missing piece to peak performance was nutrition.

The thought of food as fuel intrigued me, so upon graduation I moved to the west coast to attend Bauman College in Berkeley. There I became a Holistic Chef and Nutrition Consultant. The knowledge from culinary school and from nutrition has allowed me to work with a variety of clientele- from athletes, busy professionals, to those with severe food allergies and health conditions. I started my own practice as a private chef in the Bay Area working with clients with various auto immune diseases. I’m now the nutrition consultant at Vincera Institute. I specialize in IBS, active and recovering athletes, and weight loss. As new science emerges on nutrition, epigenetics, and mindfulness I take care to integrate it into my menu and nutrition practice. I want my clients to feel assured that they’re receiving the absolute best ingredients and guidance for their health.

Thanks to nutrition I have discovered the best version of myself. After going through a transition of mental clarity and confidence in body image, I knew I had to help others feel their best too!

With Love,


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